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Jasons Disneyland Almanac Jason Schultz

Jasons Disneyland Almanac

Jason Schultz

Published November 10th 2011
ISBN : 9780972839846
336 pages
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 About the Book 

Have you ever wanted to travel back in time? We have, too. Youre on your own for acquiring the time travel device, but this book will help you choose the best days to visit Disneyland. With Park hours for 19,484 of the 20,257 days covered here, plus weather for each day, Disneyland attendance from July 17, 1955 through December 31, 1966, openings, closings, debuts, endings, events, and famous visitors, Jasons Disneyland Almanac provides detail on every day in Disneylands history through the end of 2010. From the low attendance during Walt Disneys life of 389 visitors on the rainy January 20, 1962 to the Walt-era high of 60,917 on July 4, 1964, the Almanac is the first compilation to begin to reveal the daily history of Disneylands 55 years (and counting). More than the sum of its parts, the Almanac puts the important events in Disneylands history in context-whether that circumstance is a lonely, rainy February day or an event in the crowded heat of a peak-season summer day. Disneylands history is punctuated by high points like the June 14, 1959 opening of the Matterhorn Bobsleds, Submarine Voyage, and Disneyland-Alweg Monorail System, but more Guests are familiar with the Monday (and later Tuesday) off-season closures that continued from fall 1955 through February 6, 1985. Although it began as a thought exercise in whether it would be possible to know Disneyland in its daily complexity, the present Almanac shows the rich possibilities such an opportunity presents. For most visitors, this compilation will capture the basics of Disneyland on their first visit: the Park hours and the weather. But we hope that it will also show that one day at Disneyland is not interchangeable with any other- each day is in some way unique and different from every other.