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Henry Fuckit Kills Time Ian Martin

Henry Fuckit Kills Time

Ian Martin

Published May 15th 2011
Kindle Edition
64 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

When Henry blunders into the job of storeman in the Simonstown naval dockyard, he has no intention of doing any work. But he finds no one there expects him to lift a finger.To alleviate the boredom of a futile existence and to stave off waves of existentialist nausea, Henry and his indolent colleagues while away the hours by drinking Vrotters, engaging in pseudophilosophical discussion and quasi scientific research using misappropriated naval stores.It’s all as ridiculously absurd as ‘Waiting for Godot’, but it’s on this platform that Ian Martin is able to explores ideas and play the fool with his off-the-wall alter ego.