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Heat (Fearless, #8) Francine Pascal

Heat (Fearless, #8)

Francine Pascal

Kindle Edition
227 pages
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Just because I want to do something different Im going to write the reviews in a Friends episode format. Enjoy!The One Where Sam Moon is a Cheating PigGaias relationship with Mary will never be the same. She told something that she has never told anyone before: Her childhood. Loki is not happy that someone else knows about this, so he is planning on eliminating Mary . . . forever. Meanwhile, Sam discovers that Heather slept with someone else(Book #6 Payback. She was drunk, yall!), so he gets very drunk and sleep with Ella . . . Gaias foster parent and the evil sidekick of Loki. Too bad he didnt know that then.Sam Moon is making me so angry!! Eight books. Eight books and still no process on Sam and Gaia!! Coward!! Pig!! Hope you get herpes.(view spoiler)[In another note, I cant believe Mary gets killed on Gaias arms. That was very sad!! (hide spoiler)]